6th Grade News 04.28.24


We have been busy in 6th Grade!

From the Spring play, where 20 6th graders were involved, to the Spring Auction, we have been flexible and dedicated!

We finished up a our Middle Ages unit and are getting into influential people in history.  We are working on the Civil Rights movement and will end our year with reports on current influential people in our world.

Our vocab book will be turning into spelling units in just one week.  Students will take a big part in the spelling unit!  Much to look forward to!

Our April book report is due Tuesday, April 30th! Students will start presenting on the 30th.  There will be one more book report due on May 29th!

Math and Religion continue to focus on the skills necessary to meet the standards we are required to teach!  Thank you to Mrs. Gorman and Mr. Manetti , respectively, for making sure that happens!

Growing with God  has brought about nice conversation.  We have focused on the God in our lives and how he is always with us.  We can always turn to God for anything that we need.  We will wrap up these lesson the first week in May.

The Religion assessment will take place the first week of May!

We will follow that assessment with the final iReady diagnostic.

Please remind your student the importance of these two tests.  They should be thoughtful and deliberate while maintaining their focus when we take them.

Thank you for sharing your child(ren) with me this year.  We have just over a month left together!  It has been an honor!