6th Grade News 10.27.23

A Picture can speak a thousand words!  Enjoy the story of our adventures in our photos.

We LOVE going to the Science Lab.  Thank you to Mrs. Ludden for giving us her time and expertise in our experiment time!

We have been doing small group work to help us understand the idea of working with others.  We focus on our PBIS and Religion time with this type of activity as well.

We are wrapping up our 100 Words to know next week.  We will have a cummulative test on these words, but will spend time in class reviewing.  Students should also review their notebook work.

In Literature we have been reading stories on belonging.

We will wrap up our unit in Science on the the layers of the Earth.

We will wrap up our unit in Social Studies on the Early humans and the early recorded time periods.

Math is working with plot graphing, mixed fractions and intergers.

Religion is working on the Old Testimate and the Mysteries of the Rosary.