6th Grade News 5.20.24

What a time we have been enjoying in 6th grade!

We have been studying important people in our world, both women and men, and students have been doing research and presenting in front of the class.   We have concluded with partner research teams, with presentations wrapping up this week.

We are concluding our Science unit on Weather and will move our focus to the Science of nature – cicadas!  Most students are fascinated with them!

As you can see by our photos, some students jumped at the opportunity to take hold of a cicada and other’s took their time warming up to the idea.   While still some said “no, thank you!”

Thank you to all who supported our walk a thon!  We enjoyed the Kona truck and time in MH together when the rain came!

We have our field trip to the zoo this week and our field trip to the Field Museum next week.

May book reports are due on the 29th!

DVD is Tuesday (tomorrow) from 4-7 at Wendy’s!

It is hard to believe the year is coming to a quick close!  But, we still have time to learn!  We will wrap up our next few weeks working with the constitution and government. We will do a mock trial or two as well.

We will also finish up the year reading “Wonder”

It’s a GREAT Day to be a Cardinal! And a GREAT Day to be with 6th grade!