Preschool 3-Year-Olds Full Day 9/9/2022

Hello Families!

In our lessons this week, we continued learning about the letter “Aa” and its sound.  We attempted writing practice at the smart board – which the children loved.  We learned about our first shape – square. Children modeled the square shape with Play-Doh.  I was excited as they extended our lesson into snack time by finding shapes in their snacks. We also learned about the color red. The children searched the classroom for red objects. In Religion, we discussed how God gave us all names and how our names are special. We continue to review our names in class. We also talked about how God wants us to take care of ourselves, others, animals, and the earth. The children were eager to share how they help take care of family pets and younger siblings.  This discussion led us to understanding our new roles with classroom jobs. Not surprisingly, everyone wanted to be the first to feed Brownie.  As we look forward to next week, we will continue to build on what we learned last week. We will make collages with red items, learn about the number 2 and counting on, learn about circles,  and incorporate Jolly Phonics as we learn about the letter “Bb”.