Half Day News 2.18

Pictures say can say a thousand words!   What a wonderful week we have had.   It started with Valentine’s Day and lots of yummy fun!   Thank you to all who contributed!   Thank you to Mrs. Delsino, Mrs. Ayala,  Mrs. Shinsako, and Mrs. Ladao for volunteering for our party.  It was nice to have parents in!   We enjoyed passing out our Valentine’s and eating lots of yummy treats!

Center time activities this week have shown some wonderful team work and we work with different manipulatives to practice sharing and caring, creativity, and fine motor skills.

We talked about the letter U and how God has blessed us with things that grow in our environment.   We listed many garden items that we love to eat and smell.  God is good!

Next week we will focus on the letter V!   Continue our focus on God’s creations and talk about what we need to make a garden grow.  Plants are a wonderful world of exploration!

Scissor work is an important part of our growing.  We focus on proper holding of scissors and cutting on a line.  Some lines are trickier than other, but we will keep trying.

As we work our way through the alphabet, help your child remember letters by talking about letters you see around you.   Read letters on signs or in the stores.   They will love to shout out what they know!

We are learning about odd and even numbers and counting!  There are so many things to count!

We love how busy and creative we get to be in school.

It IS a GREAT Day To Be A Cardinal!  (Especially in half day prek!)