Half Day News December 3

This week in half day preschool has brought us on an Advent Journey!   We started with our Advent chain to count down to Christmas.  A special thanks to our 5th grade buddies who came to the rescue to help make those chain!   We are busy learning our songs for our Christmas sing on the 21st at 9:30.  Next week we will be practicing in the church to see what this feels like before our big day.  Students are to dress up for the 21st!

We enjoyed dress up and center time this week while we focused on the letter Mm and the beginning of some wonderful crafts.   We will focus on the letter Nn next week and the colors of Christmas!

The library is becoming more and more of a magical place for us.   We are very interested in animal books and strange fish books!  Christmas books are a big hit right now too!

We continue our 6 weeks of giving with the collection of canned fruit and veggies next week.   We still have our peanut butter in the classroom and will walk that to the food pantry early next week  – time certainly got away from us.

Today we went on a statue hunt around the building.   This was a journey that brought some tough questions, but also brought some wonderful faith filled experiences.   There are 7 statues around our campus and we found each one!

This time of Advent is wonderful time to spend extra time focusing on our kindness toward others.   We are working on team work and taking care of each other.   Jesus reminds us to love one another and the second week of Advent is all about Love.  Spend some time telling your child what you love about them.  The list could go on and on, I am sure!

I love seeing your children each morning of the school week.  I love watching them learn in wonder and grow in curiosity.   I love my job!!

We say the Bless Us Oh Lord prayer each day before snack.  This is a nice prayer to add to your meal time, if you don’t do this already:

“Bless Us Oh Lord, and these, thy gifts,  which we are about to receive through they bounty, through Christ our Lord, Amen”

It Is a GREAT Day to be a Cardinal!  ( especially in Half Day Preschool!)