Half Day News – End of Year

First let me say how blessed I feel to have been with these amazing students this year!  To see learning and growth through the eyes of prek students is something to be taken in awe!

We had an amazing year!   We grew in our faith by praying each school day, attending Tuesday 8am Mass each week, by sharing the Grace of God with our classmates.

We learned about our earth and how to keep it clean and healthy.   We learned about working together for the greater good.  We learned about family and what we love about being in one.

We practiced writing, counting, coloring, and cutting with scissors.   We used a variety of manipulatives to build, sort, and pattern.   We loved to paint, play with playdoh, and play with each other.

We became wonderful friends who loved to spend time together.  We learned so much more that words do not begin to describe!

We know it’s a GREAT day to be a Cardinal – especially in half day prek!   God is Good!   All the Time!   And All the Time, God is Good!  Our faces say it all…We Love School!