Half Day News October 22

Half day continues to grow everyday with our words, comfort level, and abilities!

We focused on the letter Hh this week and had lots of fun hopping and huffing and puffing as we did this.  Ask them to show you the motion for the letter Hh ( it is a hand cupping near the mouth while you huff and puff)

Rainbow colors were everywhere this week.  We talked about our 5 senses and how God has blessed us with the beautiful colors around to see.

Next week we will focus on our hearing and the color black ( spooky for Halloween)  We will also incorporate the letter Ii.

We worked with ten blocks, counting and comparing numbers this week.  We will continue to do this and will use our spiders as counters next week.   The students are getting very good at “more and less”.

Next week is also Red Ribbon Week where we will celebrate making good choices for our body!   Wear crazy socks on Tuesday ( also 8am Mass day) , pajamas on Wednesday, jersey’s or St. Cletus spirit wear on Thursday and COSTUMES on Friday ( we are very excited about Friday!)

We counted only 7 days from today that we will wear our costumes to school!  We will play some Halloween games and go on a little Halloween parade to our buddies room on Friday the 29th.  It should be some spooky kind of fun!

We will continue to go outside, as often as possible.  Please make sure your child is dressed to play!  We learn so much through play!

SAVE THE DATE:  December 21st will be our mini preschool Christmas program at 9:30am

It is a GREAT Day to be a Cardinal! ( Especially in half day prek!)