Half Day October 8th

Half Day had fun with the focus on the letter G !   From gum balls to ghosts, we know that gurgle, gurgle, gurgle helps us to remember the sound and motion for the letter.

We talked about our family and all that families do for us.  We also focused on the color purple ( no pun intended 🙂 )  We collected leaves for our science exploration next week and are getting better and better at our songs.  We are practicing recognizing numbers and counting!  As of today, we know it is 21 days until we can wear our costumes to school!

Next week we will do a review week of the letters and sounds we have learned.  Your child should begin to recognize the uppercase letters A – G and numbers 1-10 ( we will continue to review these throughout the year)

We will focus on the color orange as we gear up for Halloween!  We will still attend 8am Mass on Tuesday morning – they did a fantastic job when we attended this week.   God is pleased!

Remember, No school on Monday.

We are really working hard in our center time to work together!   From cooking to building and laying tracks – I love what I am seeing!

The start of the train building!
The train track grows!
It grew to the whole front of the room over our center switching!

We did a super quick “lower your mask and show your smile” photo before putting them right back on.