Half Day Prek January 14

God Is Good!   We Love the Blessings God has given us and this week we focused on the animals.  The animals we love showed up to school this week (as our favorite stuffed animal) and we had a chance to talk about each animal.  The children are getting very good at listening to each other when we have something to share.  I love it!

The letter P kept up busy with pizza, princesses and painting!   We will turn to the letter Qq  (kwa) next week.  We are working on writing our numbers as we continue to write our letters.

Using our scissors has been a good experience.  We will continue with this skill next week as we work on wavy lines.  Our fine motors skills are growing everyday.

We are getting a bit more independent!   Students are given the responsibility to report our attendance to the school office.  They go in pairs, right down the hall.  (I watch them the whole way!)  They are loving this job!

Love is in the air!   As we prepare for some fun. loving activities, we have taken a mini field trip to the band room and will be talking more about how to share our love and what we love about our school.

Catholic Schools’ Week is just around the corner.  We will have our All School Mass on Sunday, January 30th at 10:30 with our Open House to Follow until 2pm.   Share this news with your friends who may have kids ready to start school.

Enjoy our photos that tell a story all on their own.

Remember that every day, It’s a GREAT Day to be a Cardinal! (especially in half day prek)