Half Day Prek News 3.18.22

Well a week without pictures brings so many the next week.  What a wonderful week we have had.  The weather has been great for being outside, and the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day has added much fun to our days.  Let’s hope that nice weather returns soon!

We focused on sorting, counting, comparing and graphing this week with Lucky Charm Cereal,  have had prayer circles to pray for those in our minds, and continue to work on shapes and letters.   We are practicing  taking turns talking and listening to our friends when they talk.   We continue to work on using inside voices during center time activity and working with different center groups.   All these things are skills that are ongoing to help us in the school environment

We will focus on the letter Z next week!  It’s hard to believe we have made it to the end of the alphabet!   We will add sight word practice to the mix during the next few weeks.  It is a good time to see how our letters go together to make words.   We will focus on  I,  the ,  me, and , run

There is lots to be thankful for and I am thankful for the half day prek kids !

I hope to see you all at the Spring Auction on April 2nd!  Don’t forget to visit the Parent Page to buy your tickets on line!

It is a GREAT Day to Be a Cardinal! (Especially in Half Day prek!)