Half Day Preschool News 12.10

Advent has shown us how to share and  give to others through our food pantry donations and our giving tree donations.  We are blessed to be in a community that teaches children to give back to their community.   Thank you for your support in this teaching.    During the week of December 13th, we will collect soup and crackers!

We worked on the letter Nn this week and are getting very good at recognizing letters in other words!   One student was heard saying “there is an n in Moana”  We will continue to work on letters and you can continue to help with this at home!  We are very excited to read some words we recognize too!

Math continues to be a fun topic to learn!  We are using our hands to count by fives and fingers to count by ones!  We continue with patterning, and shapes.

We have been very busy and the prek students have had to be very flexible in their half day time!   There are many projects going on ( ’tis the season) and who knew that a big box would add to the excitement of our day ( I did!  Really!)

Our Pre K program in scheduled for 9:30 am on the 21st.   All are welcome!

Thank you for sharing your gift from God with me!  I am blessed to do what I do and am blessed to be working with your blessing too!