Half Day Preschool October 15

We had a wonderful week of review with some fun activities to go along.

We are working hard to remember our songs – maybe they are singing them for you at home.  We are working on the Apple Tree and Five Little Pumpkins.   God continues to be part of our everyday life with daily prayer and our attendance at the 8am Mass on Tuesdays.  I am so proud of the students and how they are such good listeners!

We had a bus evacuation drill this week and learned how the most important thing to get off of a bus in an emergency is “ME”!  We took a nature walk and saw all the changing colors around our school campus.  We continue to work with patterning and counting to 10.

We also had a special visitor when Mrs. Schaefer’s daughter came to spend two mornings with us ( she attended preschool in our very classroom too!)

Next week we will start to focus on the gift of our senses, the letter H and spiders.   We are counting down until we can wear our costumes to school on October 29th!  Only 14 days from today!

Please remember to check and empty your child’s folder each night.  They have been doing a fantastic job remembering to take their folders out of their backpacks when they get to school each morning!   We will also be going outside as much as possible.  Please make sure your child is ready for all kinds of outdoor fun.

Just a few photos for why it’s always a GREAT Day to be a Cardinal!