Half Day Preschool News 1.7

were so happy to be back with our friends!

We jumped right in with the letter O and having letter fun with food!   Thank you Cheerios for your creation of hearts and O’s!   We worked to pattern around a letter O and then we were able to eat our treat.  We used Oatmeal to make letters in and then we got to watch it change form as we added water to it to make oatmeal balls!   Oh yes, we do have fun!

Using scissors will be an important skill to have and we are working at it.   We will be practicing each week using free form and specific lines.

We thanked God for all the precious things in our world!   We talked about Noah and the Ark and all the animals.   God is Good!   We love animals and we sure can name a bunch.  We will continue with animals next week.   Bring your favorite animal to school on Wednesday ( the 12th)

The letter Pp will take us into next week.  We will also talk about winter activities.  Hmmm, marshmallows might be an item to work with next week.

Stay warm, read lots of books, and have lots of snuggles.  It is wonderful weather for these activities.

It’s a Great Day to Be a Cardinal! (Especially in half day prek!)