Half Day Preschool November 5

This week has been busy with the focus on pencil grip and using our hands for good!   We practiced writing, painting and creating with playdoh.  We are using our creativity and learning to cooperate with each other to build, cook, read and learn.

We are all about our senses!  We had a mystery box where we had to feel inside and see describe what we felt.  Was it soft or hard?  Smooth or bumpy?  We discovered how we could tell many things by using our sense of touch and were amazed by the colors we saw when we were able to use our sense of sight.   We will continue with our senses when we focus on hearing next week, but will also add our dental health to the mix!

As we continue our 6 week of “Giving” and being thankful for the gifts we have from God, we will be collecting Pasta Sauce next week to donate to our food pantry.  We walked our jars of jelly over to the drop box today!  It is good to share with others.

Next week we will also focus on the letter K which is similar in sound to the letter C.   Our color focus will be brown.  We will continue to focus on numbers and patterns and learning new songs.  We love to get together with our buddies on Friday’s and will go to 8am Mass on Tuesday!

We will continue to focus on using kind word with our friends, keeping our hands to ourselves, and being a good listener – all things that we start to learn at the beginning the year  and continue through all of our schooling.

We will enjoy a Dental presentation on November 10th.

Week 2 of our donations will be Pasta Sauce for the week of November 8th.

Please try to attend the Sip and Shop Vendor Fair on November 12th, right here in the Parish Center.  This is an adult only event and the cost is $5 cash at the door.  Doors open 6pm.

Save the date for December  21st the Preschool Christmas sing!

We will host virtual Parent Teacher conferences on November 23rd!  Watch for details!  The email link will come out on Tuesday the 9th.

Remember to check the school calendar for events we have going on.

It Is Always a GREAT Day to be a Cardinal!  (Especially in half day!)