Preschool 3-Year-Old Full Day, April 6, 2023

This Week…We had a very busy week. We attended Mass and an additional service as we learned about Easter and Jesus being of service to teach his Disciples to be of service to others.  We read stories about Easter and Easter preparation, as well as watched a video about the Last Supper.  We modeled letters, and continued working on our Easter beaded necklaces.   I enjoyed watching the children make their own choices with bead selections, as well as with book selections at the book fair.  We wrapped the week up by making final purchases at the book fair, dying eggs, making an “Easter Banner” and “Easter Bags”.  This would not have been possible without the help of our 7th grade buddies. Thank you so much to the 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Van Wyck, and her students! God Bless.

God Bless you all. Have a happy Easter and a safe and enjoyable break!

Mrs. Davis