Preschool 3-Year-Old Full Day February 10, 2023

This week…the students learned about the importance of healthy habits, germs and hand washing.  We conducted a simple experiment to see how germs spread. We used glitter to represent germs. First, students were divided into three groups. Next, each group received a different color of glitter on their hands, next, we shook hands and gave “high-fives”.  We then examined each student’s hands to see how much glitter was transferred from one hand to the other.   Finally, we washed our hands thoroughly to remove all of the glitter. In the bathroom, the students noticed the glitter transfer to the soap dispenser and faucet handles.  Students also modeled the letter “Gg”, and worked on using different tools, such as Legos and balls to create art.  Over the past few weeks, students have been working on creating their own, “Our Church” book. Friday, we went on a “scavenger hunt” to locate various items in church.

Looking week is a short week – Monday we will see the return of “Mail Monday”, Tuesday we will have a Valentine’s Day party,  and there is no school scheduled for Friday.

God Bless,

Mrs. Davis