Preschool 3-Year-Olds Full Day

This week, we learned about the letter  “Dd” and its sound, triangles all around us, the color blue, and the number 4.  We also learned about Farm Animals through stories, videos, and play figures in our classroom.  We began learning the Lord’s Prayer. In Art class the students created water lilies, and in Technology, the students had an opportunity to experience 3D VR headsets.  The highlight of the week occurred as four of the boys discovered a Katydid (leaf bug), during recess, which the entire class observed. The students observed the leaf bug as it made its way up a tree and into the leaves. We talked about its use of camouflage.  We also continued to monitor our seeds, which have begun to grow. Mail Monday was a hit! The children loved their letters. Thank you!

Looking forward to next week, we will review letters A – D, numbers 1 – 4, and also fire safety.

God Bless,