Preschool 3-Year-Olds Full Day

This week…we explored our 5 senses. Together we tasted, smelled, listened, viewed, and touched our way through the week. We rated different smells, like coffee, and taste, such as salty crackers.  We made a string telephone – which worked, to hear and talk to one another. We touched different classroom items that were sticky, smooth, and rough. We explored objects that help us see, such as binoculars and magnifying glasses.  At the end of the week, we carved our class pumpkin. Most of the students did not like the smell of the inside of the pumpkin, some did not like the feel of the seeds and fibrous strands. However, everyone gave the pumpkin a thumbs up as it was transformed into a jack-o’-lantern. Thank you Mrs. Fary!

This week, our school participated in the Red Ribbon Campaign. Students and faculty participated in a food drive by donating a food item with a red label. Our 7th grade buddies, and their teacher, Mrs. Van Wyck, stopped by to join us in completing a few Halloween crafts. On behalf of the entire class, Thank You!   At the end of the week, the entire student body took a school wide group picture.

Finally, this week, we received a special visit from the author of Witch’s Brew, Megan Dagnino. It was such a delight, as she thrilled and involved us in her reading. Thank you Ms. Dagnino!

Looking forward to next week..we will have our classroom party on Monday. Tuesday we will attend Mass with our buddies. We will continue exploring our senses in our Religion lessons and, in addition to other activities, begin working on the letter Ff.

God Bless,