Preschool 3-Year-Olds Full Day. 9/30/22

This week, continuing our lesson on Living Things, the students planted seeds. We will monitor and chart the growth over time, and care for our plants. We learned about the letter Cc, circles, and the color yellow. The children continue to show growth in every aspect of their development. They explore the science center with extreme iterest.   At recess,  I have watched as they have learned to catch, bounce, and dribble balls.  We had a visit this week from Father Elmer and Father Mike.  The children were so excited to show Father Elmer the activity sheet they were working on as he entered the classroom.  (Thank you Father Elmer for your patience and for showing great interest in the children’s drawings.)  He ended his visit with a prayer over our group.

Looking forward to next week, we will continue discussing the change of seasons, continue learning about measuring, and, how we use God’s gifts every day.  We will also learn about farm animals, triangles, the letter Dd, and the color blue.