Red and White Volleyball Game February 3rd, 2023


A school-wide volleyball game involving all grade levels (1st-8th).   The game will start at 8:30 with 1st grade and will have reporters announcing the score and highlights during lunchtime.  Each 1st-8th grade will play its part of the game for 30 minutes.  The score keeps building on throughout the day until the grand finale with the 6th grade playing for 40 minutes.


The students in each homeroom have been split up into two teams one Red and one White. 5th grade and 2nd Grade will play Homeroom vs. Homeroom.  Those students were split into two teams as well. So they will play the students from the other class for the first 15 minutes and then switch to the other students to finish.  Room 112 and Room 116 are RED and Room 111 and Room 117 will be WHITE. Special scorekeeping rules will be enforced to help keep the game score close. 


Red & White Game Schedule


All 1st grade    8:30-9:00

All 2nd grade   9:05-9:35

All 3rd grade   9:40-10:10        

All 4th grade   10:15-10:45

All 5th grade    10:50-11:20


All 6th grade    12:45-1:15        

All 7th grade    1:20-1:50 

All 8th grade    2:00-2:40  


  On Friday 2/3, it will be an out-of-uniform day.  Students don’t need to wear gym clothes but should dress comfortably and wear their team colors and gym shoes for the game.  Parents are welcome to set in the bleachers