Physical Education Headlines

Now that we are in full swing of things. I will be starting to input grades for the students. The most important part of grading in P.E. is participation and wearing the correct gym uniform. (Any Spring Auction shirt is allowed.)
If your son/daughter is not feeling well or has an injury please send in a note or email me at That way I will know before the day starts.

What have we Been up to?
We have been playing games on cooperation, sportsmanship, and teamwork in class. Always telling the students that winning is fun but it’s not everything. Finally, I will end the month with my annual Halloween games.

Flag Football and Soccer
Both activities have been running smoothly. I do know we are getting to the end of soccer with is October 28th. Flag football has been going well. The kids got to play in the rain for one of the days and they told me it was the best! Don’t worry if you didn’t sign up or get your student to play we will be offering both programs again in the spring.