eLearning Policy / Corona Virus Closure

The Archdiocese Office of Catholic Schools recognizes that education can continue even when students and teachers are not in the same location.  The eLearning Day encourages student growth in the areas of self-sufficiency, adaptability and perseverance and encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and enforces good habits geared toward high school and college digital learning expectations.
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NOTE:  New guidelines have been issued by the Archdiocese for attendance during the “stay at home” directive. No attendance will be taken. PowerSchool will be updated at the local level with ‘Act of God’ designations once we know the full scope of our closure.

eLearning Day Goals:

  • To minimize the disruption to academic progress caused with emergency school closures by making out-of-school days as educationally productive and engaging as possible.
  • To maximize the use of technology as a tool for independent study.
  • To leverage existing programs, curriculum, and electronic software in order to support any time learning.


  • eLearning Days are defined as days that include online instruction, independent research projects, and other document-based learning, etc
  • eLearning Days may only be implemented on occasions when school is cancelled due to inclement weather or other unexpected closures.
  • Students should use their school-issued device, home computer, or mobile device to log in to required resource (as appropriate and as assigned).
  • For preschool to Grade 3, assignments will be posted on the classroom page on the school’s website at https://stcletusschool.com.
  • In grades 4-8, assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.
  • All assignments will be posted by 9:00 am on the eLearning Day. Teachers will be available to answer questions via email until 3:00 pm. Electronic assignments are to be completed and turned in by 9:00pm.
  • Assignments that require direct submission to the teacher will be due when school resumes.
  • Power and Internet outages are possible during school closings. However, all students are expected to complete the assigned work. In the event of an outage, the student will be provided extra time for completion defined by the teacher (not to exceed 72 hours).  Parents are required to notify their child’s teacher if an outage occurred (in writing) the day school resumes in order for extension to be granted.
  • All students will initially be counted as present on Alternative/E-Learning Days. However, if the assigned work is not completed and submitted, the student will be marked absent for the day that school was closed.
  • eLearning Days will be announced in the same manner as school closings. A message will be generated by phone or email in the event of our school closing due to weather. In addition, emergency closing information will be announced on various news outlets and at www.EmergencyClosings.com. Our website www.stcletusschool.com will also have closing information.

Parent Checklist

Before Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– Review the policy for general understanding
– Confirm password and Internet access at home, including wifi
– Verify student password for any on-line learning program
– Confirm you have teacher email addresses available (all email addresses are first initial, last name such as jdoe@stcletusparish.com for Jane Doe)
– Be sure the school has your current email address on file.

During Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– Check my child’s teacher’s page on school website for assignments (grade pk-3). For grades 4-8, assignments are assigned in Google Classroom for your child to access.
– Check email for any additional information and/or instructions from teachers
– Supervise my child during the completion of their work
– Email my child’s teacher if assistance is needed
– Ensure that my child has completed the day’s assignments

After Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– Confirm that my child has completed all the assignments and has any assignments that need to be directly submitted to their teacher with them on the day school resumes.
– Communicate any issue with Internet access or power outage in writing to my child’s teacher on the day school resumes.
– Check email for any updates from my child’s teacher.

Student Checklist

Before Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– All: Review the policy for general understanding
– All: Have access to the internet through your school-issued device or alternate device.
– Grades pk-3: Have access to basic supplies such as pens, paper, pencils, crayons
– Grades 4-8: Know your login information (G Suite, IXL, ThinkCentral, etc.)
– Grades 4-8: Confirm you have teacher email addresses available (all email addresses are first initial, last name such as jdoe@stcletusparish.com for Jane Doe)

During Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– Grades pk-3: Parents will help review assignments on the school website.
– Grades 4-8: Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.
– Read instructions for each assignment or your parent can help if you need assistance.
– Your parent can email the teacher for additional assistance or questions. Students in grades 3-8 are encouraged to email their teacher directly to support independent learning.
– Your parent(s) will help to supervise completion of your work.
– Ensure you have completed the assignments for the day.

After Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– Confirm that you have completed all the assignments and submitted using the corresponding electronic tool (such as Google Classroom). If the assignment(s) need to be physically turned in, please be sure these are ready to be turned in when school is back in session.
– Communicate any issue with Internet access or power outage to your parent

Teacher Checklist

Before Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– Review the policy for general understanding.
– Have access to the internet through your school-issued device or alternate device.
– Know your login information to school website (Word Press), school email, G Suite, and other appropriate resources.
– Be familiar with emailing parents of your class and students (where appropriate) for communicating information.
– Always be prepared. School closures cannot always be predicted.

During Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– 8:00am – 9:00am: Planning period. Prepare your lessons for posting. Preschool through grade 3 will post to the school website in your newsletter section. Grades 4-8 will post to Google Classroom.
– 9:00am – noon: Assignments are posted by 9am. You are available by email to parents and students.
– Noon – 1pm: Lunch.
– 1:00pm – 3pm: You are available by email to parents & students.
– Students (4-8) logged in to Chrome OS (or their school issued Chromebook) can be monitored through GoGuardian including real-time chatting.
– All students are initially marked present for attendance

After Alternative/E-Learning Day:

– Electronic assignments are due by 9pm the day of eLearning. Any issue, power or technical, will be reported by the parent the day school is next in session. If work is not turned in and no communication from the parent exists, the child will need to be marked absent and the assignments will be scored as late in accordance with your syllabus.
– Pencil and paper projects/activities are due the next day school is in session


How do students and parents find out about assignments or activities?

  • Assignments will be posted to the school website at stcletusschool.com under the Class Pages section for preschool through grade 3.
  • Grades 4-8 will be able to access their assignments or activities in Google Classroom

What activities or classes will take place during eLearning?

  • Lessons and activities for classes the student would attend if school were in session will be reflected on eLearning Days. (Example:  If it’s a C day and your child has Physical Education, an appropriate activity would be assigned.)

Do all assignments need to be completed in one sitting?

  • No, students can take as much time during the day to complete as necessary. Teacher availability to answer questions is limited to school hours and ALL electronic assignments must be turned in by 9:00pm unless a different due date is specified by the teacher.  (Assignments that will be turned in physically are due the next day school is in session.)

How much time will the eLearning work take?

  • Time on task will vary depending on the grade, class, teacher, and subject area. Teachers will assign approximately 20-40 minutes of eLearning material for each class taught.

How are assignments submitted?

  • The electronic tool will have a method to turn in or submit. Some programs automatically record student work.  (applicable primarily in grades 4-8)
  • Paper and pencil activities are to be turned in the next day school is in session. (applicable more in grades prek-3)

How is attendance recorded?

  • A student must complete all assignments in order to be marked as “present” for the eLearning Day. They will receive a full day attendance.

What if my child is sick?

  • The parent should report a child’s illness using the normal procedures. Due dates for assigned work will follow the regular policy set forth by the class syllabus.

Are teachers and staff available for questions?

  • Teachers are available by email between 9am and noon and 1pm-3pm on eLearning Days.

Does my child need a device to complete assignments?

  • For preschool to grade 3, the parent will need a device to check the school website for assignments. Some lessons and activities could require or benefit from the use of a device.
  • A device is required for grades 4-8.

What if there is a power outage or internet service interruption within the entire community?

  • The school would likely adjust due dates for eLearning assignments.

What if I have a power outage or internet service interruption in my home?

  • Please email your child’s teacher(s) when services are restored. An alternate due date may be provided.

How will eLearning Days impact after school activities?

  • An eLearning Day for which the school is closed due to weather, power outage, no heat, etc., will be treated as if the school were closed. All activities, sports, etc., are canceled.