Who is Securly?

Securly is the leading K-12 solution for students’ online safety. Thousands of districts trust Securly to keep millions of students safe online at school and at home.

What is Securly’s Vision and Mission?

Securly’s vision is a digital world that is safer for kids anywhere and at all times.  Securly’s mission is to create solutions that provide online safety to kids on both their school and personal devices. Securly strives to build features that allow schools and parents to work together to nurture and guide
children in managing their screen time safely and productively.

How does Securly work?

Without getting too engineering-centric, Securly combines cloud-based filtering, AI algorithms, and human common sense to block the toxicity and inappropriateness of the internet from kids, while providing schools the tools they need to educate and safeguard. By keeping kids safe, we keep schools CIPA and COPPA compliant in order to receive federal funding.  To learn more about Securly’s Safety Solutions visit: www.securly.com

How Securly Helps Parents

Increased Engagement

Securly enables parents to engage in the online safety of their children by providing free parental controls for school-issued devices, plus weekly reports on their child’s online activity.

Increased Visibility Through Parent Portal

Securly provides parents with a way to view their child’s school-owned device and overall online activity, at school and at home. It’s called Parent Portal. Once your school registers your email with Securly, you will get a Welcome Email from Securly.

To get started, simply download the free Securly Home App to see your child’s activity and receive weekly email reports on your Android or iOS device. Note: Parent Portal can be accessed through your browser at this address.

With your Securly Home App, you can do 3 things:

Filter out stuff you don’t want
Plug n Play lets kids explore the web safely by turning on the safe search for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Plus, blocking all other search engines.

Know what kids see and connect to what they do
Life is busy. It’s hard to know what’s happening online with your kids all the time. And, since kids don’t always tell you what they’re doing, Securly’s real-time activity feeds can help you stay in the know.

The activity listing has been segregated according to sites visited, videos searched and watched, keywords searched, social media posts and wiki pages visited.

Get smart on anything schools may flag for review
St. Cletus works hard to keep your kids safe and you aware of anything “out of bounds” happening around your child’s online safety. Use the “Flagged” tab to check in on anything your school may have surfaced for review.

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