Second-2-None: Week of 9/5

We are getting into the swing of things rather well. The class has learned the rules, expectations and most routines. We’ve been working hard on iReady too. What troopers!! 

In Religion, we’ve continued to talk about the Blessed Trinity and even completed a beautiful craft, which can help us remember what the Blessed Trinity is. Next week, we will move on to talking about what a disciple is. 

In Language, we’ve begun our discussion of rules for capitalization and punctuation. St. Cletus uses Shurley English as its grammar program. This curriculum is challenging, but they really can learn so much. We also get to sing and dance about parts of speech! We’ve also talked about synonyms and antonyms. To help remember things, we try to teach them little tricks throughout the subjects. So … synonym and same both begin with an “s”. Antonym and opposite both begin with a vowel. Hopefully, this helps them to remember the definition of the 2 words. The class has taken their first Phonics test, based on beginning, middle and ending sounds. We will be working hard on short vowel sounds next. We’ve finished studying our first story “Trouble at the Sandbox” by looking hard at characters, traits of our main characters, and setting. 

In Math, we continue our study of numbers. This week we practiced showing the same number in different ways. On Fridays, we will often (but not always) work on our iReady My Path lessons. There will be times that we do some fun different things too, like playing math games or solving a Math Mystery based on clues that we receive. We solved a mystery today! How is the practice of basic addition facts coming? It really will help your child as we progress to 2- and 3- digit addition and subtraction. There are some great apps and websites for Math. One of my favorites is 

We finished everything in science unit 1, except for the test. We will have that open book test on Monday. Then we will move on to technology and the design process. 

Required reading - Gender Discrimination in the workplace

  • Monday, September 12, is a RED, WHITE, BLUE dress down day in honor of Patriot’s Day. 
  • Friday, September 16, is our school Spirit Day, celebrating all the wonderful sports at St. Cletus. So, have your child dress down in his/her favorite school spirit wear for the day! 
  • Grand-friend’s Day is Thursday, September 22. An RSVP form was sent home with the Oldest/Only child. Please return it so that the appropriate preparations can be made for each of our special guests. 
  • For the safety of all our students, we ask that once you have your child(ren) at dismissal that you proceed home. Also, please remember to follow all the guidelines for dismissal to ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you for your cooperation!