In Religion class, we looked at the Act of Contrition more closely, breaking it down into the 3 parts. Many of the children already know it, as we say it daily for our dismissal prayer. How are the Ten Commandments coming along? Some know those so well already. Keep practicing both. For the Ten Commandments, we won’t be very strict on saying “thou” versus “you” but they should have most of the words memorized. We will begin testing these prayers on Monday, November 21, and continue after Thanksgiving break. Next week, we will focus on what we are thankful for and wrapping up our Growing with God program.

We read a short story called “I Wanna Iguana” in reading, which was about a little boy who tries to convince his mother that he should have an iguana. This story uses a lot of persuasive language within an exchange of letters between the boy and his mom. Next week, we will publish our very own persuasive letters asking for a pet. In Phonics, we continue to practice reading and writing long vowel words, as we use our rules to help us know when a vowel is long and when is it short. We’ve learned “when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking … usually.” They should know the second vowel is silent as the first vowel will usually say its name. However, we spend time talking about how these phonics rules aren’t true 100% of the time. In Grammar, they are becoming pros at classifying sentences. We will be taking our Chapter 3 test next week. We review together in grammar class.

We are adding two 2-digit addends and learning various strategies to do so, such as making a 10, breaking down, drawing pictures, etc. We will continue next week. Don’t forget, there is a YouTube video for each lesson. Just copy and paste into the address bar and find Grade 2 Lesson 4.?? (whichever number lesson we are on) to watch the break down. You will have to scroll down a bit to find the lesson number that we are completing. Parents, we know that breaking apart to make a ten can be very difficult. Keep in mind, this is just one strategy your child will learn to add and subtract. We do our best to have the class understand they will have multiple strategies in their tool bag to use.

Important Dates - The Jacket Journal

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up on Tuesday, November 22. If you would prefer a phone conference to an in-person conference, please let us know. If you haven’t signed up yet, please sign-up ASAP. If you cannot make it on conference day, we can make arrangements to meet on another day. That’s not a problem! 😊
  • Report cards will go home on Tuesday, November 22.
  • Tuesday, November 22, is an 11:30 AM dismissal. There is no After Care.
  • There is NO SCHOOL Wednesday, November 23 through Friday, November 25. School resumes on Monday, November 28.
  • Students Council is hosting a Personal Care Item Drive for our food pantry beginning today. They are asking for items such as soap, shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, feminine products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, etc. Bins will be in Morrissey Hall and the hallway leading to Jr. High.
  • Please remind your child to bring his/her LIBRARY books on WEDNESDAYS! We know that it is hard to remember with so many things on our mind, but we’d love to have them check out new books every week.

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