Third Grade – Mrs. Davis – 5/3/24

This week…we learned about Religious Vocations. We were very fortunate to have Father Elmer visit our classroom. He provided a history lesson about Father Morrissey, and provided the students with information about his own journey to the priesthood, and answered student questions. Thank you Father Elmer for your generosity!

The students also wrote cards of encouragement and well wishes to our second graders for their First Communion.

The students finished learning about biographies. They created booklets based on their interviews of classmates.  In math, the students have been working very hard learning about fractions, as parts of a whole. They have been learning to use models and number lines to represent fractions.  The students have also completed their lesson on figurative language, and will soon be learning about different types of poems.

Finally, we completed our Archdiocese Religion Assessment, and will soon be taking our 3rd and final IReady assessment.

God bless,

Mrs. Davis