Third Grade – Mrs. Davis – May 24, 2024

This week…we attended the last PBIS (Positive Behavior In School/Society) assembly.  PBIS reminders are located throughout the school, and remind students, among other things, of how to behave respectfully and responsibly. Our class was awarded one of three banners for demonstrating PBIS characteristics for the month of May. Way to go!

The students presented on their Saint’s research project. We learned so much about the Saints, such as how many of the students shared names with the Saints. Just to name a few, there was St. Olivia, St. Thomas, and St. Emma. We also learned that some of the Saints were martyrs, had their own prayers, and, before following Jesus, were self-proclaimed party animals or lived lavish lifestyles.

Friday, we went to the science lab to conduct experiments to support our science lesson on Matter.

Enjoy the long weekend with your families.

God bless,

Mrs. Davis