Third Grade News and Up Coming Events

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Third Grade News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Religion:  This week the class will talk about the ways the Apostles lived with Jesus and how they went out and shared Jesus’ good news with others.   Students will recite the January prayer to me on Friday January 14th.  Please help you child practice this prayer during the week.

Reading:  This week the students will be rereading the chapter book “Treasures  in the Trees” to help them refresh their comprehension of the story parts.  As we reread the students will independently answer comprehension questions about the story.  We will take a quiz about the story on Friday January 14th. 

Phonics:  The students are working this week to review these concepts:  the sounds of r-controlled,  vowels  compounds, blends, digraphs (kn, ch, th, sh, gh, ph, gn, wh, and wr), and using y as a consonant and a vowel.

Spelling:  Our spelling words this week’s contain the complex consonant sound of soft c and g.  During the week the students will have home work on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Please be sure that your child completes their work using their NEATEST hand writing and that they turn it in on time.  The students will complete several spelling pages at school as well to further enhance their knowledge of these complex consonant sounds.  The students brought the word list home on Wednesday January 5th and will receive a new list on Monday as well.  The class will take both the list and standardized quizzes on Friday January 14th.   

Math:  This week the class will be working with the Associative property of multiplication, patterns on the multiplication table, learning to multiply with 8’s and 9’s as we finish up chapter 4 in our Math series.  The students should be completing Math Simple Solution lessons 65 – 68.  The class will be completing the Math Simple Solution Quiz 17 on Friday January 14th.  

Science: Our new unit in the Science series has the students reading and learning about how designs in technology have changed and gotten better over time. As we go through this unit we will learn about the 5 steps of the design process.  As well as how technology and society are related.  The class was given the project of researching an every day item that has been around for a long time to help them enhance the concepts we will be talking about.  Directions for the project were sent home with the students on Thursday January 6th.  During their research the students will discover when their item was first invented and learn about the changes that have improved it over the years.  Some items that are being researched are:  the light build, planes, and clocks.  The first part of the project that is due on Monday January 10th is the student’s topic that they will be researching.   ALL projects are due on January 24th and will be presented to the class during the week.  Posters will be displayed during open house for Catholic Schools Week. As your child is putting their posters together and completing the report  be sure to check for spelling, complete sentences, capital letters properly used and NEATNESS.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Up Coming Events~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday January 10th:  Science Project Choice Due.  The sheet was sent home on Thursday January 6th.

Tuesday January 11th:  We will be attending 8:00am Mass.  Please be sure that your child is on time for school today so that we can be on time for Mass.  School doors open at 7:45.

Friday January 14th:  Students will be reciting their January Prayers to me today.

Monday January 17th:  We will be out of School today to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday.  Enjoy the long weekend.

Tuesday January 18th:  Please be at school by 7:45 so that we can be in our pews at Church for 8:00am Mass on time.


About the author

My name is Lisa Gearen. I started teaching at St. Cletus in 2003. I taught first grade for 14 years and now teach 3rd. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters in Elementary Education. I received both degrees from Concordia University. I also have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as being a Certified Catechist.