Third Grade News and Up Coming Events ~ May 2nd to 6th

PLEASE SEND IN BABY and CLOROX WIPES for classroom use.

Please send in GLUE STICKS for your child.   


Religion: This week the class will learn about Holy Orders and Matrimony and explore why they are considered  Sacraments of Service to others.

Reading: This week the class will be reading the story “Extreme Places” as we learn about locations around the world that have extreme features involved in their geography characteristics.

Spelling:  Our spelling words this week have the students reviewing the skills learned during units 19 – 23.

Phonics:  We start a new Unit in Phonics this week that will have the students working with words that have both prefixes and suffixes.  The students will practice separating words into these three categories:  prefixes – base words, base words – suffixes, or prefixes – base words – suffixes,

Math:  The students will be completing Chapter 8 this week.  During class the students will work on reviewing their knowledge of the  division skills covered in Chapter 8.  The test will be taken on Thursday May 5th.

Science: Students will look at the differences and similarities between mountains and hills.  We will take a look at things that might cause  landforms to form on Earth. Students will also learn about how flat land differs from land with mountains, hills, valleys, or canyons.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UP COMING EVENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday May 3rd:  8:00am Mass ~ Please be sure that your child is on time today so that we can be in our pews by 8:00am.  Please join us for Mass if your schedule allows.


PLEASE SEND IN BABY and CLOROX WIPES for classroom use.  

Please send in GLUE STICKS for your child.   


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