Third Grade News and Up Coming Events April 25th to 29th


Religion: This week the class will be learning about the ways the Church celebrates the sacraments.  They will learn that the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist are ones of Christian Initiation. The class will also learn that Penance, Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick are Sacrament of Healing.

Reading: We will start reading our new story “About the Earth.”  This story will have the students learning about the different layers to the earth and other interesting facts.

Phonics:   Students will review vowel pairs, vowels digraphs and dipthongs as they prepare for the end of Unit 5 test on Thursday.

Spelling:  Our spelling words this week will have the students working with spelling patterns as they write words with single syllable homophones and complex consonants.  Spelling test April 29th.

Math: Students will create arrays to model multiplication and division facts with a factor / divisor of 7. They will solve repeated subtraction and related multiplication facts as they practice dividing by 8.  Finally the class will use equal groups, factors and related multiplication facts to divide by 9.  Math Simple Quiz Today.

Science:  We return to our Science Curriculum to learn about landforms As we begin this unit the class will use a map to locate and identify nearby rivers, mountains, or bodies of water.  The students will look at the differences and similarities between a mountain and a hill.  As we are reading the class will learn what might cause these landforms to form on Earth. The class will learn how flat land differs from land with mountains, hills, valleys, or canyons.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Up Coming Events~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday April 25th:  Welcome back!!

Tuesday April 26th: Billy Bricks Wood Fired Pizza – La Grange, 18 W Harris Ave, La Grange, IL 60525,

Thursday April 28th:  Prayer recited today

Friday April 29th:  Poems recited today.  Think of a simple costume or some fun hand gestures to add to your amazing presentation.

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