Third Grade News and Up Coming Events for the week of December 6th to the 10th


Religion:  The students will learn how to start a friendly conversation with their classmates and other people in their lives.  We will talk about the season of Advent and what it means in our Religion.  The students will  learn the meaning of the colors of the candles that are on the Advent wreath.  Week one a purple candle standing for the HOPE in our hearts as we wait for Jesus’ birth.  Week two a purple candle standing for the PEACE Jesus’ birth brings to our lives and world.  Week three the pink candle representing the JOY we feel as we await the birth of our SAVIOR Jesus.  Week four a purple candle is for  the FAITH we have that Jesus will save us.  

Reading:  We will continue reading “Treasure in the Trees” and answer questions to strengthen our comprehension skills.  The students will also find the meaning of words that they read in the story and do not know the meanings of.  They will find both the meaning of these words and find them in the sentences from the story.  The class will continue to work on their path in iReady ~ reading to strengthen their skills as well.

Spelling:  This week our words will contain complex consonant blends like sh, ch, tch, wh, and ck.

Phonics:  The students will work with r controlled vowels this week.  R – controlled are the vowels with r as a partner:  ar, er, ir, or, and ur.  When this combination is in a word the r makes most of the sound and the vowel sound is not as prominent.

Math:  We start the fourth chapter in our Math series:  Multiplication Facts and Strategies.  This chapter has the students reviewing and learning these vocabulary words:   Array, Associative Property of Multiplication, Commutative Property of Multiplication, Distributive Property, Factor, Identify property of Multiplication, Multiple and Product.   

Social Studies:  This week the students will be reviewing the information learned in Chapter one.  They will spend time reviewing the vocabulary words they used in the chapter.  They will also find answers to questions from the chapter as they review for the end of the chapter test.  End of the chapter test will be Wednesday December 8th.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Up Coming Events~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday December 7th:  8:00am Mass Please be on time for school so that we can be on time for Mass.

Wednesday, December 8th:  We will be attending 8:00 am Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Please be on Time for school so that we can be on time for Mass.

Thursday, December 9th:  Christmas Shop

Friday, December 10th:  Christmas Shop.  Movie Night starts at 6:00pm.

About the author

My name is Lisa Gearen. I started teaching at St. Cletus in 2003. I taught first grade for 14 years and now teach 3rd. I have a bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters in Elementary Education. I received both degrees from Concordia University. I also have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education as well as being a Certified Catechist.