5th Grade News!

*Monday, October 15th – 9 am School Mass

*Thursday, October 18th – Picture retake day

*Friday, October 19th – 5th grade to 8am Mass

* Thursday, October 25th – Vision and hearing testing

Religion – Students will be finish their study of the seven sacraments next week.  Next, students will be learning about the different mysteries of the rosary and how to pray the rosary.

Language Arts:  In Unit 3 of Spelling, students are analyzing words that spell the /oo/ and /yoo/ sound.  They will be identifying different spelling patterns and sorting words according to that pattern.  In English, students are classifying long sentences with prepositional phrases.  They are also reviewing subject-verb agreement and learning how to edit sentences.  Next week in writing, students will be focusing on informative writing.  Students will learning how to organize their ideas and narrow down non-fiction topics.

Reading – We will be finishing Washed Up! next week.  Students have been working hard to use quote in order to support their thinking and to provide textual evidence to support comprehension and critical thinking questions.  Next we will be reading Pale Male in our text collection books.  Students will determine main ideas and supporting details.  Students will also identify cause and effect events in the story in order to analyze character relationships and interactions.


Math – We are finishing up Chapter 2, which is all about division. Our test will be on Thursday, October 18. Then, we will move into adding and subtracting decimals in Chapter 3. Students are always encouraged to practice math facts and skills at home. They are able to do this online, or using their math books. Students are still working on simple solutions every other week, and practicing with IXL, our online math program, on their chrome books.


Science – We are just starting our new unit on Engineering. The students are very excited for this, as it will introduce concepts they will need to know in order to create their simple machines in November. Students will have review quizzes after every lesson in Unit 2, which will help boost grades and be a very useful study tool for their test.


Social Studies – In Chapter 3 students will be learning about life in the Eastern Hemisphere from the 1200s – 1400s.   Students will be explaining the causes and effects of Marco Polo’s journey and identifying the location and importance of the Silk Road.   Students will also identify Ghana, Mali, and Songhai as major trading kingdoms of West Africa.