5th Grade News!

  • Tuesday, October 30th is a dress down day for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Students need to donate at least $1.00 to dress down and should wear some form of pink to show their support.  
  • Wednesday, October 31st – students may wear their school appropriate Halloween costumes to school.
  • Thursday, November 1st – 9am all school Mass for All Saints Day
  • Friday, November 2nd – 1:00 dismissal

Religion- In chapter 4, students will understand that Baptism is the foundation for Christian life.  We will also be examining the gifts that God gives us at Baptism.

Reading – We will be finishing up Pale Male.  Students are focuses on finding main ideas and key supporting details.  At the end of next week, we will begin our pre reading activities for our first novel study, Wonder.  This novel is not a part of our ReadyGen curriculum, but is a wonderful novel with important themes that will inspire great class discussions.  

Language Arts – We are working on informative and expository writing.  Students will be focusing on writing main idea and supporting their idea with specific details.  In English, students will continue to practice identifying parts of speech and learning about the different types of sentences.  

Math – We have started chapter 3, which focuses on decimals. Students have learned decimal place values, how to write decimals in standard, expanded, and written form, and how to compare multiple decimals. Next week we will begin learning how to add and subtract decimals. Simple Solutions are due every other week.

Science- We are finishing up with Unit 2 on engineering. Students have been learning about the design process that engineers use, biotechnology, and prosthetics. We have had great conversations about biotechnology and how technology impacts our lives everyday. The Unit 2 test is Tuesday, October 30. Then, we will begin learning about cells. Next week I will begin introducing the invention project. More information will be coming to you in the next newsletter!

Social Studies – We will be wrapping up Ch. 3 this week.  Students have been studying life in the Eastern Hemisphere.  We have focused on different empires located in China, Africa, and Europe.