• Monday, February 11th – All school Mass at 9 AM
  • Tuesday, February 12th – 5th grade play, the evening performance is at 7 PM, students should be in the Parish Center by 6:30 – hope to see you there!
  • Thursday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day party!
  • Monday, February 18th – No school
  • Wednesday, February 20th – Band concert at 7 PM

Religion – In chapter 10, students are learning more about The Eucharist.  We are discussing it’s importance and how it serves as a memorial, meal, and sacrifice.  In chapter 11, we will focus on the celebration of the Eucharist.  Students will be learning the names for the different parts of Mass.  DARE is off to a great start!  Students are learning a lot from Officer Andries.  In class, students discuss important issues and act out different scenarios, using the DARE model to help them make tough decisions.

Language Arts – In English, students continue to classify natural and inverted sentences.  Students are also learning about compound sentences and the appropriate grammar to us when writing a compound sentence.  In spelling, students will be studying words that have a final schwa sound.  In Writing, students have worked hard on providing details and organization in opinion writing.  Now, we will focus on using graphic organizers to create rough drafts, focusing on sentence fluency.

Reading – 116 will be starting The Westing Game this week.  Students will work together to read and comprehend this challenging novel.  We will focus on literary elements such as character development, plot, and theme.  117 will be participating in literature circles.  Students will be reading different novels and working together to discuss important literary elements in small group.  Both class will need to keep up with their nightly reading in order to stay on track during these novels!

Math – We have just started chapter 11 on geometry! Students were able to play with manipulatives and learn about geometric shapes. Students learned about polygons this week and learned a rap to remember the names! Geometry is a more difficult and complex chapter, but we will get through it together and come out as geometry experts!

Science – I still am bragging about how great the inventions were! We are finishing up Unit 4 on classifications of living things. This chapter is 6 lessons long and with the invention project has been extended. Students are learning how to classify living things and our final lesson is specifically on plant and animal adaptations.

Social Studies – In chpater 7, students are learning about the different countries that occupied North America during the early 1700s.  We will be studying different battles and how these countries fought to gain control of North America.  Students will begin to analyze some of the laws put into place that will later lead to the American Revolution.