• Tuesday, February 26th – $1.00 dress down for Misericordia.  Students wear blue to show their support!
  • Wednesday, February 27th – All school Mass at 9:00 am, come celebrate with us!
  • Friday, March 1st – End of second trimester
  • Wednesday, March 6th – Ash Wednesday Mass 9:20 am
  • Thursday, March 7th – Auction shirt dress down, 11:30 dismissal for Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, March 8th – No school

Religion – In Chapter 11, we are learning about the different parts of the Mass.  Students are creating comic strips to visualize what is happening during the different parts of Church.  Since we’ll be celebrating the Eucharist next week and the week after, students will have the opportunity to see the different parts of the Mass in action!

Language Arts – In Chapter 6 of English, students are learning about clauses an complex sentences.  Students will identifying and building complex sentences in addition to classifying the different parts of speech.  In writing, students are working on the drafting process of opinion writing.  Students are learning how to create organized plans for their writing, so their final essays have a solid structure.  In spelling, students are spelling words with a final schwa+n and schwa+r sound.

Reading – We will be finishing our novels this week!  Students have taken the time to complete a novel study and work together with their classmates in order to discuss and analyze their stories.  Students will be assigned a final project on Monday, February 25th.  This will be one of their first reading grade of the third trimester.

Math – We have started the geometry unit and have reached the halfway point! The second half of the unit is learning about volume. This does get difficult, but we have a lot of resources and manipulatives to help us through it! Students should be practicing on IXL, I have given them codes on subjects they can choose from. Trimester three will bring a lot more simple solutions. I will be making simple solutions a weekly task for students, and it will be due every Thursday.

Science – We have finally finished our unit on classification of living things. Students did a great job of recalling information that we learned a long time ago! We are now moving onto energy and ecosystems. Students will be learning about all of the different ecosystems and why they are important for our environment. They will also learn about plants and animals that live in that environment.

Social Studies – In Chapter 8, students are learning about the causes of the Revolutionary War.  Students will be participating in a fun classroom activity that will help them connect with the different taxes that were enforced in the 13 colonies.   Students will also be analyzing cause and effect relationships throughout the chapter and explaining the different events that will result in the Revolutionary War.