• Tuesday, March 26th – $1.00 college dress down day to support Misericordia
  • Thursday, March 28th – Stations of the Cross at 2:30
  • Friday, March 29th – 2019 Auction shirt dress down
  • Monday, April 1st – Friday, April 5th – ASPIRE testing week.  Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast, gets plenty of rest, and arrives at school on time.
  • Friday, April 12th – 9:30 DARE Graduation in Morrissey Hall

Religion- We took a brief pause from our religion textbook and focused on discussing the importance of the Lenten season. We discussed what Lent is and how it is different from other liturgical seasons. Students have been reflecting on their Lenten journey and how they can fast from unkind actions. We will be returning to the religion textbook and learning about the different types of prayers.

Reading – We are finishing up our novels this week.  Students have taken the time to read different novels and focus on critical thinking questions.  Next, we will move back into our ReadyGen curriculum.  Students will be reading a couple of short science fiction stories and reviewing how to identify key details and analyzing story structure.

Language Arts – In writing, we are practicing writing on demand.  Students have been working in groups to fully answer writing prompts and using a rubric to guide their writing.  Students will be practicing this skill independently next week.  When we finish prompt writing, students will move into a poetry unit.  In spelling, students are studying words with r-controlled vowels that make the /ar/ sound.  In English, students are working hard to classify sentences and identify complex sentences.

Math- We have finally finished up our geometry chapter and are moving on to adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Fraction tiles and other manipulatives will be used in this chapter to help students visualize the fractions. Students should continue to practice multiplication facts while we are working on this chapter. Simple Solutions are due every Thursday now and the students will receive a quiz on simple solutions every fourth lesson. These quizzes are open book.

Science- We are continuing to expand our knowledge on ecosystems and the flow of energy in an ecosystem. Students will be learning about how to classify organisms in an ecosystem and how those classifications can change in different situations. Students will also learn about different roles of the organisms in an ecosystem.

Social Studies- We have just wrapped up chapter 8 this week. Students created infographics on different events that led up to the American Revolution. We have been focusing on cause and effect and the sequence of events during the Revolution. Students also have been making connections between their textbooks and a video series called Liberty’s Kids. This series portrays the events that took place during the American Revolution and allows students to visualize the events. We will be moving onto chapter 9 and discussing the changes that occurred after the American Revolution, including the importance of the Declaration of Independence.