Christmas Time

Hello- The Advent Program about the Jesse Tree was fabulous! It was so great to see the students shine!

Grab bag due on Tuesday Dec 21st. Grab bag will be distributed on Wednesday the 22nd.
Advent Prayer Service with Kindergarten 9:30am on December 22

8A Math–We are finished with the first half of our Algebra I textbook. Test Tuesday on systems of equations-intersecting lines, substitution, elimination. We have a graphing workshop when we return. Take home midterm due January 10th.

8B Math – Test on Chapter 3 Monday (solving multistep equations, proportions, and percentages)

7th Grade Math-We have a test on Chapter 6 Algebra on Monday. The test will include solving one step, two step and multi step equations. The equations may also involve the Distributive Property and collecting like “terms”.

Religion: Letters to Fr Elmer were administered through LA. We are working on getting to know God through prayer.