Full Day 3/4 Preschool

10 more days until Halloween!  The excitement is sure showing in room 107.

This past week we started talking about pumpkins and how they grow.  We learned that they start from a tiny seed and sprout off a vine.  We also talked about what is a pumpkin and what is a jack-o-lantern.  Next week we will be carving our pumpkin and will learn about the different parts.  It is going to be a fun messy day!

Our focus letter this week was “C”.  In preschool we only focus on the hard sound; like we hear in cat, cow, crown etc.  We did talk about how it also makes the S sound, but will learn more about that when they get older.  Our Poem this week was about Chase the Cat.

Chase the cat likes to play dress up.

Chase pretends he is having a tea party with his colorful crown and cup.

This week we also read a favorite Halloween story; Big Pumpkin.  We read this story a few times in class to help us remember the characters and the order in which we learn them.  Your student will be coming home with this activity, make sure to have them tell the story to you and ask how they were finally able to get the pumpkin off the vine!

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by our LaGrange Fire Department!  They taught us how to Stop, Drop, and Roll.  We even learned that we should all be closing our door at night when we sleep.  Good thing we have night lights!


We adopted a cow!  Yes you read that right!  Last Spring I applied to adopt a cow and our class was selected!  Her name is Ada and is a dairy cow that will be growing up on a farm in East Dubuque, Il.  We will receive weekly updates about her growth and are able to send any questions to the farmers that we might have.  This is a great learning opportunity for us and can’t wait to see what neat facts we are able to learn!

Next week is Red Ribbon Week!  A letter was sent home this past week in the Wednesday envelope but just in case here are the special events for the week:

Monday: We are Drug Free! Students wear school uniforms with ANY appropriate sweatshirt and crazy socks.  Red Ribbons are given to wear- ribbon prize drawings.

Tuesday: DIY Day!  Regular uniform day.  Sidewalk chalk contest and color contest.  Bring a RED canned/boxed food item!

Wednesday: P.J. Day and Buddies

Stay Healthy and Happy- Classroom visit buddies for a fun activity decided by the teachers.

Thursday: Celebrate!  Students wear Red for a “Red Out!” Day.  Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.

Friday: Be Unhealthy?  You’re Crazy!  Staff and Students wear sports wear to show our healthy side.  School assembly at 2pm.

Upcoming Events!

Tuesday, October 25th: Author Visit  Megan Dagnino will be visiting St. Cletus and sharing her newest book; Witch’s Brew, with our early childhood classes.

Friday, October 28th:  Red Ribbon Week Assembly

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the great fall weather!