JK Newsletter 10-1

Important Dates

  • Picture Day: October 6th the form went home yesterday. Please let me know if you need a new one.
  • Scholastic Book Orders:  If you would like to purchase books, please  return Money and order by Next Tuesday. Please make checks out to Scholastic Book Club!

Another fun filed week in JK! It was busy, some of the highlights were combining the children’s color choice of their dyed rice all together and mixing it together= Friendship rice! We had a ton of fun with Apples, between tasting a Granny smith for morning message and making apple sauce, all the way to the exploring different apple items (foam apple, plastic apple, real apple) and testing out the sink or float with those and some classroom objects as well! So fun to watch this excitement in all your kids faces! The children also planted Mums with Mary Delaney. The pots turned out beautiful and hope you enjoy them! We finished off this week with a visit from our 7th grade buddies who helped them with a Apple craft!

Outside of the hands on fun, the children are busy learning many things in the classroom.

Literacy: We only focus on the 26 letters of Alphabet. The children will learn blend sounds when they go to Kindergarten! Next week we will be reviewing the letters we have learned this far with fun and games. We have done s, a, t, i, p, n, c/k, and h.  Please ask your kids for the action sounds these letters make.

Name writing: We will continue practice writing our names correctly with one capital letter and forming the letters properly.
Michael Haggerty Phonemic Awareness:  They are hearing rhyming words and breaking apart compound words. This program we do daily and the kids LOVE it!
Religion: This week we learned about the feast Days of  St. Vincent De Paul,  St. Michael, and the feast Day of the Guardian Angels.  And of course a visit to the church to look at the mosaic in the back of church.
Math: We are always working on numbers in our calendar time.   Ask your kids to show you tally marks for a “7”, and and ask them what a bundle is:)
Science: All things fall! Using our senses to take it all in. We will continue to do lots of walks and hands on science experiments.
Social Emotional: This is a big part of our program.  We are really working on manners , and helping teaching these kids to be self sufficient(please help reinforce both of these at home).  Every morning they have to put their lunch and water bottle in a special spot.  We also have a try 3x’s rule with opening snacks.  They are SO proud and excited when they do it themselves:)
We are truly having a blast with your children each and everyday! As always, please let us know if you have any questions:)
Have a wonderful weekend!
The JK Team