JK Newsletter 5/13

Well, we sure did enjoy the warm weather this week! We got back in our courtyard, after all the spring rain.  So many big trees for shade and fun!

We had a blast this week learning about dinosaurs and hope you learned many fun facts from your kids!

A few questions for you to ask your kids:

How many bony plates does a Stegosaurs have?

What does a Diplodocus use his long neck for?  Tail? 

What does the “Tri” stand for in the Triceratops?  What else has 3 sides? How big is he?

Would any of the these dinosaurs fit in our classroom? 

Religion: We will be talking about all our blessing this week, and how God shows us his love.

Literature: The kids are doing AMAZING with the POPcorn words and reading the daily message. They are feeling so proud and confident!

I hope your kids are showing off their skills at home with you! We play different games each day to put our phonemic awareness skills to use. 

Math:  We will continue our number works with base 10 blocks, tally marks, and dice!

Science:  This week ahead, we will be learning about the solar system and different planets.


Have a great Weekend!

The JK Team