JK Newsletter April 1st

Our School Auction is this weekend, Maria and I are hoping to see you there! So many great items! 

Here are a few items from our class:      https://e.givesmart.com/events/pqE/

#146   JK original art piece using bright colors to cut circles inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s “Farbstudie Quardrate”


#104   Bring home Bubbles (our class fish)  for Easter break! 


#105   Apron with JK handprints and a cookbook of the student’s family recipes


Here is the link to start your bidding:  https://e.givesmart.com/events/pqE/

So many fun things to bid on, This is our schools major fundraiser! It’s always a great night out and we hope to see you there!

Our class raised $113.38 for Helping your classroom cross the tightrope.  I’m excited to see what classroom won.. we will keep you posted!

Religion: Next week we will continue our focus on Lent.  The kids are doing amazing with praying the “Our Father”. Please continue to practice it at home.  We have 8am mass on Tuesday morning.

Literacy: We have been doing review this week with POP corn words The, I and Is. Please continue to have you children find these words n books while reading to them.  They are so proud when they do!  Next weeks POPcorn word is “be”.

Math: We are busy working on numbers from 10-30.  Lots of number games and manipulatives to learn them!

Science/Social Studies: We are busy watching spring come to life outside. The flowers, birds and new life has us 

Have a wonderful weekend, and hope to see you at the Auction!