JK Newsletter August 26, 2022

We had a great first week of JK! We have been very busy learning new songs, making new friends, and learning classroom routines. 

We are also learning many ways to be independent.  I hope your kids are coming home and sharing our day with you.

We have a special morning question every day on the Smart Board when they come in the morning.  They get to answer the question and move their name to “Yes or No” with a special wand. This may be a good topic of discussion on the way to school in the mornings to get them excited:)

Next week:

Religion: We will be learning about God’s creation.  All good things come from God! 

Literacy: We will begin our Jolly Phonics program next week. We will be using our phonemic awareness program too!

One of the MOST important indicators of future reading success is reading to your children!  Bedtime is great time to share a book together!

Math: We are practicing counting and graphing the weather daily.  Help your children count things at home. How many steps to the car? How many stairs are in your house?

A few reminders:  

  • We are finding that the children are going in their lunch box and looking for a snack.  Please put the snack in a separate bag or container that can be easily found.  Snack is a small item, a cheese stick, gold fish, fruit… please help your child pick 1 thing!! Also, please make sure to send a water bottle to school with your child.  If your child wants milk for lunch, please contact the office.
  • If your child is going to aftercare please keep us updated along with the office!
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team