JK Newsletter December8, 2023

What a week in JK! We enjoyed the beautiful weather. Today we celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at 8am mass. We also had a great time reading many different variations of the Gingerbread Man!

Questions to ask your children:

  • What part of the Gingerbread cookie did you eat first?
  • Did you like how the Gingerbread cookie tasted?
  • What story did you like best? The Gingerbread- Man, Girl, Baby, Friends, or Pirate)

Religion:  We had an exciting day this past Wednesday as St Nicholas visited all the classrooms for his feast day.  The kids just loved it! This upcoming week marks the 2nd week of advent!  Is your child being helpful at home? The kind deeds that the children are doing at home are is our gifts to Jesus on His Birthday! Helping set the table, clearing the table, making a bed, putting clothes in the hamper are all good chores your children can help with!

The children are very proud to tell their classmates about the deeds and add a piece of “straw” to the manger to make it fluffy for Baby Jesus.

Literacy: We will be learning about the letter /x/ in Jolly phonics.

Math: Lots of math games and Christmas counting fun, Graphing and tallies as well!

Science:/ Social Studies: Magnetic tree fun with bells and hands on experiments!

Have a great Weekend!

The JK Team