JK Newsletter February 10th, 2023

Happy Friday! We had such a great week! We finished our unit on Arctic animals! The kids got to put on a “Blubber ” glove and see how the animals stay warm in the cold temps. We learned so many fun facts, it was much enjoyed by all!

We have been very busy getting ready for Valentines day! We have talked about our love for friends, family and God’s love for us ALL! With all that is going on in this world around us, your kids have kept our hearts full and hopeful for our future. Thank you for sharing your children with us!

A few questions to ask your kids: 

  • Who is the next mat caller?
  • Who is the next Meteorologist?
  • What did the “colored heart” that Mrs. Jacobs’ and Mrs. Hogan write about you say? 

Literacy: We will be practicing writing our letters and learning new poems!

Math: We will be working with 10 frames and tally marks to get a better understanding for teen numbers.

Science: Hands on science fun…fizzy hearts!

Religion: St. Valentine, Spreading love and kindness to all! 

*We are LOW on Paper towels! If you can send some in we would greatly appreciate it! We have plenty of Kleenex and wipes at this time!!

Have a great weekend!

The JK Team