JK Newsletter February 18, 2022

Thank you to our room moms for planning such a fun Valentine’s party for our JK class! The kids had such a nice time! It felt so good to be back to some “normalcy” in the school with classroom parties!

A couple reminders: Please make sure to send your children with water bottles and refrain from juice and soda pop.  For snack, fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, or cheese sticks or healthy granola bars are all good snack options.  Trying to start these kids young with good food choices and keep their bodies full:)

Looking into next week:

Religion: Tuesday 8am Mass, Saints and church visit through the week.

Literacy: We will begin our letter formation book.  Proper letter formation will be the goal. We will also continue to do our CVC words and Jolly phonics review!

Math: Our number work will continue as we use manipulatives to show the teen numbers. we will also be using tally marks, patterns and graphing as well!

*We have our School Spring Auction coming upon April 2nd! We will be putting together a class Recipe Book with all your favorite recipes. Stay tuned for a recipe card next week to fill out and return!!  In addition “Bubbles” our class fish,  is going to be an auction item for a Spring break staycation at your home.  He will come styling in his office tank. You never know where he will be.. sitting in his chair at his desk, or filing away in file cabinet. He is sure to bring lots of laughs and fun to your home.   You will have the chance to bid on him the night of the auction… stay tuned!

Have a wonderful long weekend,

The JK Team