JK Newsletter February 9, 2024

Happy Friday! We had such a great week in JK! We have been busy with all things hearts. We talked about our love for friends, and family, and God’s love for us ALL.

Our class party will be on Tuesday. Please remember to have your child sign their name but leave the TO: empty to help with passing out of cards on Wednesday:) We have 20 kids in our class.

A few questions to ask your kids: 

  • What did the colored heart that you hung on your classroom door that Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Hogan write about you say?
  •  Ask you child to sing, ” I have a great big heart deep inside of me…..”  to you and the family.

Religion:  We have mass next Tuesday at 8am and Wednesday is the start of LENT!  Please join us for mass at 10am for ashes. We will pass out our Valentines in the afternoon:)

Literacy: We will continue building words and listening for beginning and middle and ending sounds. 

Math: Lots of fun hands on graphing with hearts, tally marks and counting fun!

Science: Watching the weather is always fun! Your kids are doing amazing with being the class Meteorologist.  Also, Fizzy hearts to come next week:)

Have a great weekend,

The JK Team