JK Newsletter Jan 12th

Happy New Year!  Winter has arrived.. I hope you all have some very excited children!

All of your kids have grown so much over Christmas break, it was fun to see!

We are starting this year off with a signing a classroom “Oath” of rules and classroom expectations. We also have fresh pencil boxes. The children are now using the “thin” crayons and “thin” pencils.  This is a big step for them all, but with Kindergarten around the corner, they are ready for it!

We had a fun week getting back to it! Some things to ask your children:

  • Who did you verse in  Rock/ Paper /Scissors ? Who won in the SCHOOL? 
  • With faith in our lives, did the clementine sink or float? 
  • Who was the line leader? Caboose? Flag holder? Prayer leader?

Literacy: We will be reviewing the letters and continuing to work on Rhyming words.

Math: We have lots of snowman counting games, patterns, and graphing at center time!

Science and Social Studies:  We will be making predications with the weather and doing lots of fun hands on learning

With the bitter cold we will be having recess in the gym.  When it gets back in the 30’s we will be doing walks around the school! 

Stay Safe and Warm, and ENJOY the snow!