JK Newsletter March 1st, 2024

We had a busy week in JK! We had winter, spring a touch of summer,  and made the best of it all!

We also had a lot of fun with Leap Year..it was a short week but we really packed it all in!

Some things to ask your children :

  • Did you have a special job in the class this week?
  • Can you sing the “Lent Song”?
  • What families did you pray for this week?
  • Did you like playing Leap Frog? Who did you jump over?

Religion: We are busy getting our hearts ready for Easter.   The children went to the Living Stations of the cross put on by the 8th graders yesterday.  We hope that the Butterfly is starting to look colorful in your home form all the kind deeds your children are doing!

Literacy: We will continue working on  proper letter formation.  We will be Rhyming with Dr. Seuss this week in honor of his birthday! His books are also fun and the kids love them! We will also continue working on CVC words.  CAT, BAT, HAT just to name a few.  It is so fun to see your kids put these words together with all their hard work of isolating beginning, middle and ending sounds.

Math: Our number work continues daily.  We are working hard on the teen numbers which can be tricky.

Science: The Daily Meteorologist reporter is going well! Your kids are so proud to be up reporting the weather. Thank you for practicing with them!

Have a wonderful week!

The JK Team