JK Newsletter March 8, 2024

I hope you all had a great week!  We had a great week of learning and fun outside time too!  
Not sure if you heard, but we have some real Shenanigans happening in JK! 
We have a leprechaun, Finny O’ Gold,  who has moved into our classroom and has made himself quite cozy.  He has been playing tricks on us all week, and the kids can’t wait to see what each morning brings.
Religion:  We are focusing on lots of prayers this LENT! Please practice the Our Father with your kids at night.  You may be surprised to hear they are pretty close to knowing it.  We pick a new family to pray for each day.  That child gives us the family members to pray for and we all keep that Family in our hearts as we pray the Our Father together.  
Literature: We have been rhyming machines this week!  Dr. Seuss has brought many laughs into our classroom this week!  Please continue to read these books at home with them!
Math:  We will be counting coins and shamrocks this week, and continuing with our teen number recognition.
Science/Social Studies:  All things Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. 
Have a great Weekend!
The JK Team